End of project for Polish Jockey Club

We are pleased to announce that today the Polish Jockey Club has signed the acceptance report, which we wrote to you in this article for the first time.

After intensive work on its creation and many consultations with our client, we have already submitted the program for testing on March 29, 2019. This phase was successfully completed in June and on 19 August we received the acceptance report.

The main task of our system was to integrate the finance and accounting department with the departments of the Stud Books Registry Office and Breeding and Racing Department. In this way, we enabled the exchange of data between individual subsystems that make up the HOMAS system. Another extremely important element of the created software is the possibility of submitting applications and making online payments. Thanks to this, the submission of applications by petitioners has become much easier and faster.

The system is now completely ready for production use and we are waiting only for the completion of all formalities on the part of PJC (this is, for example, the signing of contracts with operators dealing with online value handling).

To implement the task, we decided to use, among others, dedicated systems created at the special request of PJC. Therefore, we used technologies consistent with existing software components, in particular: Java / Java EE, Spring (including Spring Boot), Angular.js.