Maintenance of the new system

From next year, we are expanding our cooperation with Volunteer Labor Corps in the field of maintenance and technical support of IT systems.

Throughout 2018, Vavatech provides technical support and maintenance services for the Delfin system (System of reimbursement of juvenile remuneration). Next year, we will not only continue our support, but it will be expanded to include another IT system.

In December, we managed to win another public tender and signed a contract to continue technical support regarding the Delfin system. During the current year, we have thoroughly understood the system and we have managed to improve and eliminate many of the problems present in it and introduce a number of optimizations. Therefore, we hope that the number of problems will be much smaller and you will be able to focus more on the development and modification of the system.

Regardless of the Delfin system maintenance, in 2019 we will also undertake technical support and works related to the development of another IT system used by VLC. Our support will also cover the “Youth Job Placement” system.