Project for the President’s Office

Just seven days ago, the President of the Republic of Poland’s Service Chancellery asked us for quick help. They were looking for support in solving the problem with the application on the J2EE platform. Unfortunately, it was committed by another company and thus the user interface was not able to work properly (the dictionary data form was not displayed). After a quick insight, our employees immediately knew that the application requiring repair was Java + Widfly + JSP + Struts. We started preparing the offer as soon as possible to start making corrections immediately.

Our service included:

  • Bug fix in user interface (no dictionary data selection form),
  • Implementation and transfer of source codes and copyrights in the scope of completed works.

Today we have officially signed the acceptance protocol, thus meeting all deadlines. The Chancellery had no reservations, and what’s more – the quality of our work was assessed as very good!

Here you can find the 5/5 stars review from President’s Chancellery on Clutch!