SHRIMP 2.0 for UOKiK

On June 30, 2017, we signed a contract with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to design a new version of the SHRIMP system.

What is SHRIMP?

It is an electronic system for monitoring and scheduling public aid. It is intended for the state aid report for entrepreneurs – but it does not apply to agriculture and fisheries. It also does not include reports on outstanding receivables of entrepreneurs.

All entities whose activities involve, or may potentially rely on, providing state aid must join SHRIMP. Each case of this type of support is sent to UOKiK within 7 days.

The essence of the SHRIMP 2.0 System

The construction of the new version of the SHRIMP system will consist in designing:

  • interfaces and functionalities for entities using public aid, national and EU projects,
  • management panel for the employees of UOKiK and the Ministry of Finance, administrators of the SHRIMP system.

The implementation of Vavatech involves the creation of documentation for System Architecture and System Management Architecture, including term:

  • administrative structure SHRIMP 2.0, the role – including permissions – of individual administrators,
  • permission levels (profiles) that apply to subordinate users,
  • database structures – including database schemas,
  • technical requirements – including hardware and software,
  • conditions, the fulfillment of which will guarantee the correct operation of the System and all components depending on it.