Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In May 2019, we completed work on creating the ODA (Official Development Assistance) IT system.

This system will be used to report on development cooperation statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is built on data on international assistance projects and addressed to officials of ministries and state organizations.

The system collects data on ODA assistance and enables management of project reports. It also allows them to be exported in formats supported by organizations involved in the collection of development assistance statistics from around the world – DAC and IATI. These data are then presented in the form of charts on the website.

After the completion of works related to the development and implementation of the system, our company will provide maintenance and development services for 3 years.

When creating the ODA system, we used technologies such as Java, WildFly, PrimeFaces, Hibernate, Spring, VUE and MySQL.