New system for the Philharmonic

We signed the contract and started working on a dedicated concert tour system for the National Philharmonic.

One of the many activities conducted by the National Philharmonic is educational activity. In particular, as part of this activity, the musicians of the National Philharmonic set off on concert tours to selected schools in many parts of Poland to reach students from various social and educational environments.

Students have the unique opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information regarding various musical forms, music history, composers and the secrets of playing various instruments. Every year, the National Philharmonic prepares ten different programs, which are presented from September to June to students in cooperating institutions.

Every year, the National Philharmonic plans and creates a new substantive offer, signs relevant agreements with interested school establishments, plans the course of individual concerts and also supervises and coordinates the course of concerts throughout the school year. Activities of this type and at such a scale require specialized IT tools that would support the entire process at each of its stages. It is this type of dedicated IT system that will help in the organization of concert tours is the subject of a contract that we have undertaken to implement.

Work on the project has been divided into several stages.

In the first phase, during analysis, our goal is to develop a detailed description of the requirements and to develop the system design. During the analysis, not only the shape and functionalities of the new system are specified, but also the way to integrate with the financial and accounting system operating in the Philharmonic that should be integrated in order to exchange data.

In the second stage, according to the adopted schedule, we will start implementing the system.

In the last stage, the system will be implemented and a stabilization period will begin, after which we will only move to the last stage of maintenance and development.

When implementing the project, we intend to use JavaEE, JSF and Spring technology, the data will be stored in the relational MySQL database, we intend to use the WildFly System application server to run the system as a web application so that it can be used by a multi-user web browser.