System for the University of Warsaw

We started working on the design and implementation of a dedicated IT system for the Student Council of the University of Warsaw. The ‘CERBER’ system, will be used to submit applications for funding from the budget of the Student Council of the University of Warsaw.

The system will be implemented as a dedicated system, i.e. a solution that we will prepare in accordance with the specific requirements of the Employer and the provided initial functional specification. As always, we assume very close cooperation with the acceptance of this type of implementation, which can monitor the progress of implementation of individual stages on an ongoing basis.

The system will be made in Java EE multilayer architecture. The main element of the system will be a web application which user interface is available in a web browser. We plan to use WildFly as the application server. In the data layer, we intend to use the MySQL database.

Despite the very busy schedule and relatively complex functionality, we strongly believe that the project will be completed on time and will be successful. This project is particularly close to us because the vast majority of our team are graduates who have just graduated from the University of Warsaw.