We’ve developed specialized software

We have signed a contract with the Polish Jockey Club for the development of specialized IT software.

The Polish Jockey Club has been operating since 2001 under the Horse Racing Act. The scope of competences for which he is responsible is very wide, among others: he sets the conditions for running races and controls their observance, works for the development and promotion of horse races and improving horse breeding, issues permits to organize horse races, managing a racing stable and licenses for judges, trainers, riders, drivers, appoints technical committees and an appeal board, initiates and gives opinions on legal solutions regarding horse racing, represents Poland in international racing organizations, runs stud books for pure bred Arabian horses and thoroughbreds, runs specialized training.

Various types of IT tools, including dedicated systems that have been created on behalf of PJC, are used to achieve their goals on an ongoing basis. To increase and streamline operations, there was a need for greater integration of individual IT tools. The solution is also the subject of the contract which we have undertaken to implement.

When creating the solution, we plan to use technologies consistent with those already used by current technology components, in particular: Java / Java EE, Spring (including Spring Boot), Angular.js.